Freelance and permanent positions

All of our freelancers are employed on hourly rates and our permanent positions are with a fixed recruiting fee.


We deliver freelancers and permanent employment within the IT and the business sector.

The process for a freelance position is typically short and effective, to meet our clients need for rapid action. Especially because we do not want to delay our client projects.


The process for a permanent position is more individually organized, depending on the clients need.

Teams of specialists

In case of bigger projects we also deliver complete teams. We hereby source a fully specialized team for your project.

For exampel:

-    Bigger migration projects.

-    Acquisitions/company takeover.

-    Bigger development projects.

-    Change management & analyzes

-    Process/production projects for              optimization.         

Technical consultants. 


Downunder a selection of roles. 

But the list is not fully completed.:

-    Solution architects

-    Enterprise architects

-    .NET, C#, PHP, C++ developers and more

-    Mainframe consultants

-    System programmers

-    Java developers

-    Frontend/Backend/Fullstack developers

-    IT Supporters

-    Sitecore developers

-    Database experts

-    DBA administrator (SQL and Oracle)

-    Dynamics developers (AX/Nav/Navision)

-    Software Testers

-    Test managers 

-    Security consultants

-    Sharepoint developers

-    Epi server developers

-    System administrators

Business consultants.


Downunder a selection of roles. 

But the list is not fully completed.:

-    Business consultants

-    Process consultants

-    IT Program managers

-    IT Project managers

-    Infrastructure Project managers

-    ERP Specialists/experts

-    BI consultants

-    BA consultants

-    Lean Six Sigma consultants

-    Gamp consultants

-    Junior consultants

-    Data management experts

-    Interim IT, Management, HR, Finance etc.

-    ITIL experts

-    SAFE experts

-    AX, Nav, Navision, SAP Project managers

-    AX Functional & Technical consultants

-    Agile project managers

-    Scrummasters and more.


We are easy to work with. We deliver a fast sourcing process and a quick candidate startup. That is how our costumers describe us. Fast, effective and serious sourcing.



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About Fortis People

IT & Kontorgruppen originated in March 2012. We specialize in developing individual software solutions for companies to support a higher efficiency, with a wish of creating a strong and flexible process.


To achieve this goal, we sat out to tie software and people together, through Lean Six Sigma. Again to create some strong and flexible processes. 


Alongside accomplishing this we have created a very big network of highly technically skilled people. We are in contact with developers, project managers, architects and many others. We created this network to accommodate our own clients, using freelancers and now have the opportunity to accommodate you, using our big and growing network of freelance specialists. 


Today we spend all our time recruiting freelance consultants using our extended network, to achieve success for our clients, by finding them the best and most qualified manpower.


And we really love it!!!

For us it has always been about real people and real relations.


This means, that IT & Kontorgruppen today goes by the name of Fortis People. Both companies share the same CVR number.


It is with our deepest joy that we welcome you to Fortis People.

Both as a new and old customer...!!



-​ Financial sector
- Production sector
- Energy & Transport sector
- Detail & Retail sector
- Advisory & more
-​ State 
- Communes
- Regions
- Funds & more
- Pension funds

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